Game Feeders : Digital Smart Feeder

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Digital Smart Feeder
Digital Smart Feeder
Digital Smart Feeder
Digital Smart Feeder
Digital Smart Feeder
Sales price: 89,90 €
SKU: RA-348
Regular automatic feeding saves feed and eliminates waste.

The Digital-Smart-Feeder is a completely new designed Feeder. The Feeder has a plastic housing with a strong coated steel frame inside, the feed-dispenser is from aluminium with two new designed lips which will be opened when it is rotated by the motor. These 2 lips protect the feed from birds and other small animal. The threaded rods and the nuts are made from stainless steel. With this threaded rods you can optimize the feeder for different feed.

The Timer has a solar control inside and you can adjust the speed of the motor 50, 75, 100 %, this is very practical when you feed fish.

• Feeds 1 - 6 times per 24 hours
• Scatters grain 8 –12 meters in all directions
• Adjustable run time 3 - 59 sec.
• Powered by 6 Volt rechargeable battery with solar option for the motor.
• Battery and solar panel not included.
• "2032" Button cell battery for the timer
• Dimensions assembled: 18 x 18 x 25 cm.
• Weight 1,3 kg
• Easy to mount to any barrel, bucket or container (60 - 120 L)
• Works without problems in every weather


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