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Pro ears Pro 200 Earmuffs – Headband model

Pro ears Pro 200 Earmuffs – Headband model
Pro ears Pro 200 Earmuffs – Headband model
Sales price: 180,00 €
SKU: AB-1238
Hearing enhancement and protection with incredible performance and price.

Hearing enhancement and protection with incredible performance and price.

The Pro 200 offers great sound, real comfort and effective sound attenuation. The Pro 200 offers industry leading DLSC™ compression technology, wind abatement programming and built-in quality. The circuit board reduces high frequency filtering which may benefit those with high-frequency hearing loss. Separate circuit boards, one in each cup, with their own on/off and volume controls eliminates the need for wires and increases reliability and adjustability.

An internal battery compartment eliminates unnecessary cuts or voids in the external cup, improving the noise attenuation properties of the cup. No tools are required to change the battery. The Pro 200 offers the longest battery life in its class.

Visco-elastic foam ensures the highest level of sound attenuation available as well as good comfort.

Features and technical specifications

• Adjustable headband
• NRR 19 dB
• Preset at 15 decibels of amplification for operation in a constantly noisy environment
• Attack time: 5.5 milliseconds
• Sound: Stéréo, 2 independant circuit boards for more reliability.  Adjustable on each earcup.
• No high frequency filtering for those with high frequency hearing loss
• Spring form steel headband for increased compression for those with a need for a tighter seal
• Foldable design
• Ear cushions: Vinyl/ Visco-elastic foam
• Best value hearing protection in the price range
• Powered by 4 LR1 (« N ») 1.5V batteries
• Batteries will last up to 250 h
• Weight: 230 grams
• Three year warranty


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