Télémètre laser Halo® X-Ray™ 600

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Halo® X-RAY 600™ laser range finder

Halo® X-RAY 600™ laser range finder
Halo® X-RAY 600™ laser range finder
Sales price: 339,00 €
SKU: WI-393
This Wildgame Innovations laser range finder is incredibly accurate.

Halo® X-RAY 600™  laser range finder w/ Tilt compensation
This Wildgame Innovations laser range finder is incredibly accurate. The X-RAY 600 reaches out to 550 m on reflective objects with +/- 1 meter accuracy.

TILT COMPENSATION: Mountain hunters as well as bowhunters are well aware that shooting an animal that is at a higher or lower altitude modifies the ballistic trajectory, the risk being to shoot over the animal. The tilt compensation feature automatically computes the horizontal distance, making range finding much easier when hunting in the mountain.

SCAN MODE: The continuous scan mode lets you pan the laser beam across the landscape and range multiple targets with a single activation.

Easy-to-see LCD features an easy-to-see crosshairs, text and icons for exact range, battery level, ranging mode and unit of measure (yards or meters). The rugged, ergonomic body is water-resistant for lasting in-the-field durability.

INCLUDES: Includes carry case, lanyard, lens cloth and manual.

Technical specifications
• Laser Range Finder
• Tilt compensation
• Maximum range 550 m to reflective target
• Magnification: x6
• Eye piece: anti-fog, 15.5 mm
• Lens: 24 mm
• View angle: 7 degrees
• Accuracy: +/- 1 m
• Water Resistant
• Uses 1 CR2 Lithium Ion battery (not included)
• Power saver after 20 seconds without pressing a button
• Dimensions : 104 x 76 x 41 mm
• Weight: 150 g


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