Neo Scope Cover Luxe

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Deluxe Neo Scope Cover

High strength Neoprene rifle scope protector.
13,90 €

High strength Neoprene rifle scope protector.
4 mm Thick Neoprene
• Efficiently keeps dust away, repels water, resists scratches and absorbs shocks.
• Innovating Wrap-around design gives maximum protection to your high-end rifle scopes.
• Removable in an instant for immediate access to your rifle scope.
• Fits all standard rifle scopes. Not suitable for small rifle scopes (beat hunting scopes).  
• Fits all types of rifle scopes at least 30 cm long.
• Not suitable for small scopes (beat hunting scopes).

Weight: less than 90 g
Length: 30 cm
Diameter: 5 cm