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Survival Gear

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Sales price: 67,90 €
Provides an aerosol spray every 15 minutes giving the minimum dose needed to eliminate insects and bad odors.
Sales price: 59,90 €
The white, rubberized area will glow in darkness for up to 2 hours
Sales price: 55,90 €
Cette lanterne de camping peut éclairer en continu jusqu’à 30 jours
Sales price: 55,90 €
It effective against flies, mosquitos, wasps and other flying insects as well as some crawlers such as ants or spiders
Sales price: 35,90 €
The bright and compact Pico™ is the ultimate mini-lanternn that packs quite a punch!
Sales price: 32,00 €
The finely crafted Adventurer Lighter produces a bright red windproof laser flame that withstands extreme weather conditions.
Sales price: 19,90 €
This new digital device catches bugs thanks to its ultra-violet light bulb.
Sales price: 19,90 €
It is lightweight, compact, and durable, but this new version comes with all the added features of a standard survival kit.
Sales price: 13,00 €
Models with added compass help with navigation in the wilderness.
Sales price: 9,20 €
The SaberCut Razor Saw is a lightweight and compact cutting tool that cuts wood and most metals.
Sales price: 9,00 €
The Survival Bracelet, a heavy-duty paracord bracelet, is perfect for lashings, snares, shoelaces, first aid—the uses are endless.
Sales price: 7,90 €
X Termin bulb

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