Collier Biothane Gold camo

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Collier Biothane Gold camo

Disponible en 2 tailles
9,90 €
Description du produit

BioThane® top-notch technical products have been used since 1977 in the hunting, equestrian, sporting goods, healthcare, police tactical and military industries. BioThane®’s properties hold in three words: Durable, Cleanable, Waterproof. Being hypoallergenic, it is ideal for your dog’s health. And it can be easily engraved. BioThane® lasts 2 to 3 times longer than competing products. BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather. It remains pliable in cold weather and is highly UV-resistant. BioThane® is the world’s leading web coated strap brand and is proposed in various coatings: Beta (imitation leather), Gold (shiny), Reflective…

Plus résistant que le cuir !

Disponible en 2 tailles :
• Long. 45 cm. - Larg. 19 mm
• Long. 60 cm. Larg. 25 mm