Game Calls: Nordik Mini Predator

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Nordik Mini Predator

This mini game call can produce a wide variety of sounds.
22,00 €

Is specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators under Nordic conditions. The call is simple to use and its mouth piece is freeze proof. This mini game call can produce a wide variety of sounds. It has a smaller sound board and thinner membrane than its big brother Nordik Predator.

Rodent squeak sounds
To imitate sound of mouse and vole squeaks, place the o-ring, your teeth or lips at the outermost part of the membrane and blow with short thrusts in the call.

Distress calls from rabbit and hare
These calls are easy to make by placing the o-ring, your teeth or lips in the middle of the mouth piece and blow into the predator call. The further back on the membrane the coarser the sound. Vary long and short sounds for 15-25 seconds and repeat every 3-4 minutes.

Open and close your hand in front of the call's opening as you blow for a more life-like sounds.


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