Casque Pro Ears Stalker “Gold"

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Pro Ears Stalker Gold green

It achieves the perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound.
379,00 €

The Gold Series Stalker Gold Max 4 achieves the perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound. No compromises. No excuses.

Natural replication of amplified sound

Real audiophiles understand that for purity of sound an analog sound system is superior to a digital sound system, however, digital systems can correct imperfections or enhance and modify sound better than analog systems. Most active hearing protectors or stereo headphones employ one technology or the other. Our engineers at Pro-Ears were not willing to compromise the quality of our sound for the sake of simplicity or cost. The result is the hybrid digital/analog system found exclusively in the Gold Series active hearing protectors.

To further enhance the natural sound quality we use gold connectors and high quality amplifiers and microphones to reduce impedance. Our proprietary software reduces interference caused by wind while enhancing the sounds you want to hear. Advancements to our exclusive DLSC technolooy for compression turn an impulse sound wave from a gunshot into a soft, audible pop. Finely engineered circuitry with proprietary  programming has reduced attack time to 1.5 milliseconds. We provide adjustable gain control so you can adjust the industry leading sound to match your situational needs.

The most comprehensive warranty in the industry. We can afford to back up our product with a generous warranty because so few Pro-Ears fail. Independently tested and certified.

• The model hunters demand most
• Internal gain setting preset to hear the quietest sounds at the greatest distance.
• Chop-side cup for clean long gun shooting
• Contoured cup for turkey, duck, bird hunting, sporting clays, skeet and trap
• Cup size is suitable for the youth shooter
• Excellent for low to moderate noise level environment
• attack time to 1.5 milliseconds
• Apple iPod, CD, or radio compatible using a 3.5 mm mini jack. Enjoy high fidelity sound while protecting your hearing
• Noise Reduction Rate 25 dB
• Weight:  230 grams
• 5 year warranty
• Made in the USA


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