Blood Revealing: BlueStar® tablets

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BlueStar® tablets

BlueStar® reveals invisible blood traces!
19,95 €

A complementary helper for the recovery of wounded animals.

With the BlueStar® blood revealer, you will easily locate the blood traces left by an animal that has been shot and follow its track for 100 meters or more. Ready in just a few seconds, all you need is to spray it on the ground and bushes on the shot spot and along the run which will instantly become fluorescent blue, when BlueStar®  comes into contact with the slightest blood particle. This reaction is highly visible to the naked eye from nightfall, even in the rain.

BlueStar® reveals invisible blood traces!

Even when blood is not visible in the first few meters, tiny blood drops projected at the time of the impact will be revealed by BlueStar®. This invaluable information informs you whether you hit the animal and enables you to recover it. BlueStar®  is odorless and does not destroy the blood specific characteristics, which allows for a subsequent search by a bloodhound.
BlueStar® is sold as fast-dissolving tablets that only require some water to be ready for use.  Any kind of water will work: river, rain, pond, puddle...
Two tablets in 125ml of water are sufficient to confirm the shot. 500ml are needed to track the animal for 100 meters or more.

BlueStar® Blister Pack:
Compact, contains 4 pairs of tablets, for making 4 x 125 ml.

Stop searching as soon as you reach 100 to 150 meters. Beyond that point, the probability that the animal is not dead becomes high. It could rise again, flee or even charge at you! Mark the last trace found, and the next day, start over the search with a bloodhound. BlueStar® does not alter the blood characteristics or hinder the bloodhound in its search. Furthermore, the marking of the day before will help the bloodhound master.
Spray in a circular movement toward the presumed game run. BlueStar® is extremely sensitive, the slightest blood trace, even invisible or rain washed, will trigger the luminescent reaction. Spray BlueStar® preferably in front of you rather than towards the ground so as to cover a larger area and be able to notice when the animal has changed direction.