Hog Heaven

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Hog Heaven

Ultra-potent granular bait for wildboars !
24,00 €

The most efficient wild boar attractant !
Hog Heaven is the most unbelievable hog draw on the market, BOAR NONE! Big Boars and Super Sows will come running to this all-new granular attractant that will have them rooting for days! The irresistible aroma causes piles of pigs to create a huge wallow and return back to the site for more…just what every hunter needs to send them to Hog Heaven! Congregate herds and watch hogs get it all over their snout…This ready-to-use mix is sure to “bring home the bacon!”

Draw Hogs in Year Round with this Unbelievable Hog Attractant. Also, Hog trapping will never be so easy.

Net weight : 2,3 kg


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